Who We Are

Tourism needs to be giving back to the community.

To make sure that happens, Buhoma Mukono Community Development Association (BMCDA) has brought together over 7,000 community members for the benefit of development, improved livelihoods, and conservation of natural resources. BMCDA is assisting local people to obtain reputable employment and empowering them with the necessary skills to not only guide tourists but to further their career goals.



Revenue earned from our guests transfers to BMCDA and is then dispersed to local community projects. The following are some of those projects: Buhoma Community Primary School, Buhoma Community High School, Buhoma Gravity Water Flow Scheme, Rainwater Harvesting, Pineapple and Vegetable Growing Project, Buhoma Cooperative Savings and Credit Society.



BMCDA is owned by community members of the Mukono Parish in Kanungu District. Its constitution was designed and adopted by all members through a consultative and participatory approach and has various governing and management structures. The General Assembly of BMCDA is charged with supreme decision making. It also elects the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Secretary of its Board. The Council is the second most important decision making body and it’s answerable to the General Assembly. It receives and discusses reports from the Board and Subcommittees. It also receives and approves periodical budgets, reports and work plans of the board. The Board is comprised of the Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer and all Chairpersons of the Sub-committees. The Board is answerable to the Council and directly responsible for implementation of policies.

BMCDA was founded by Mukono parish members, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and a United States Peace Corp volunteer John Dubois in 1992.

You can assist us with our mission by staying at Buhoma Community Haven Lodge or at Buhoma Community Rest Camp and by doing the Buhoma Community Village Walk/Batwa Tradition.

Our Partners

We've partnered with some of the best conservation institutions in Uganda to maintain our standards.

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