Whether you are staying at Buhoma Community Haven Lodgeat Buhoma Community Rest Camp or at any other place at Buhoma, we will be happy to organise a number of interesting activities for you:

Mountain Gorilla Tracking: Gorillas being the most likely reason for your visit, we will make sure your experience is as memorable as possible. Please purchase your permits in advance at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) office in Kampala or through a tour company. Pack long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, good hiking shoes, rain gear and a hat. Our lodges can arrange for you water, packed lunch and a walking stick for rent or purchase. The Buhoma UWA registration office is located just next to Buhoma Community Rest Camp - they will ask you for your permit and passport. After verification you will head down to the briefing point to watch a short film and learn the gorilla rules concerning health, hygiene, safety, photographs, food, noise, time, and distance. Please be aware that the gorilla groups move and there may be some travel involved before your tracking begins. $600 per person ($350 in the low season).

Buhoma Community Village Walk: This guided walk gives great insight into the traditional African way of life. Wandering through the village, guests are exposed to inspirational dances and songs, a traditional healer who prescribes cures for anything from the common cold to male impotency, banana wine and gin making, tea and coffee plantations, and much much more. $15 per person. It can be combined with Batwa Tradition ($25 for both). See more in the Photo Gallery.

Batwa Tradition: The purpose of this walking tour is to present the forest life of the original inhabitants of Bwindi, Batwa "Pygmies", while providing them with an important source of income. Your Batwa guide will introduce you to different uses of plants and insects, the way Batwa used to burry their deceased members, fire making, hunting and honey collecting. The tour ends with a traditional homestead, dances and music.  $20 per person. It can be combined with Buhoma Community Village Walk ($25 for both).  See more in the Photo Gallery.

Bwindi Community Hospital Tour: A guided circuit through the premises of an award-winning private not-for-profit health institution, taking about 40 minutes. Visitors are given the opportunity to interact with local staff and volunteers, take photographs and witness the excellent work of the hospital. They see the children's ward and the maternity wing, hear about the hospital’s extensive community outreach and learn about its public health programme. Free of charge.

Gorilla Research Clinic Tour: $15 per person.

Nature Walks in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: $70 per person.

Birdwatching: price varies.

Massage Therapy: price varies.